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In a recent project, we successfully refurbished the Inboard and Outboard Bearing Journals that were heavily worn undersize for a rear spindle of a Komatsu 830E-5 ultra-class haul truck used in mining operations.

This crucial component allows the wheels to rotate freely while bearing immense loads and stresses, making its reconditioning a complex undertaking.

Challenges in Restoring a Massive Rear Spindle

Refurbishing the Komatsu Haul Truck’s rear spindle presented several key challenges:

  • Size and Scale: The sheer dimensions of the spindle meant a vast surface area required restoration treatment, demanding a comprehensive solution.
  • Wear and Damage: Factors like continuous wear and tear, underperformance and limited preventive maintenance had taken a toll, necessitating a thorough refurbishment.
  • Precision Application: Ensuring the repaired material was applied evenly and bonded properly across the entire surface was critical for long-term performance.
  • Tight Tolerances: Post-repair machining needed to achieve exact specifications down to the micrometre level for the reconditioned part to function as intended.

Leveraging Laser Cladding for High-Performance Restoration

We implemented a tailored solution centred around precision laser cladding technology, selected for its numerous advantages over traditional repair methods:

  • Optimised Material Properties: Laser cladding improves component performance and longevity by applying specialised coatings engineered for harsh operating conditions.
  • Unparalleled Precision: The focused laser heat creates a precise molten pool, allowing new materials to be deposited with virtually no distortion, ensuring a high-quality restoration.
  • Seamless Bonding: In contrast to welding, cladding establishes a full metallurgical bond between the existing substrate and newly applied material, enabling lasting integration.
  • Efficient and Sustainable: As a low-waste, energy-efficient process, laser cladding aligns with modern manufacturing goals for environmental sustainability.

After precision laser cladding restored the structural integrity, our skilled technicians further machined the spindle using robust lathes and grinders to achieve Haul truck’s stringent specifications.

The Outcome: Extended Service Life and Savings

By successfully reclaiming and refurbishing this critical capital component, we enabled their mining client to:

  • Avoid excessive downtime and costs associated with purchasing a new replacement part.
  • Reduce operating expenses through repair instead of replacement.
  • Maximise service life of existing equipment assets.
  • Support sustainable practises by reclaiming and reconditioning components.

The successful spindle refurbishment reinforced the strong working relationship between A1 Metallising and UGL, a prominent mining services provider.  

UGL regularly engaged use for specialised refurbishment services for heavy machinery components.

On this project, both companies demonstrated their shared commitment to maximising asset lifecycles and providing cost-effective reconditioning solutions for their customers’ capital-intensive equipment.

“A1 Metallising’s team of reclamation specialists are able to tackle the most challenging refurbishments and repairs. Their experience and technology have enabled them to provide us excellent service.”

Emily Parker, OHV technical support, UGL Pty Limited 

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