We offer a broad range of machining options including Cylindrical Grinding, Internal Grinding, small and large Centre Lathes, Planetary Grinding for large and odd shape type components for internal bores, large capacity CNC Lathe, CNC Horizontal Borer and general machining facilities.

We offer diamond grinding on all internal and external grinding machines and have Linishing and Super Finishing Machines specialising in the finishing of hard surfaced engineered coatings.

A1 Metallising Services Pty Ltd continually reinvest in updating our machinery to ensure precision work of the highest quality standard is maintained consistently.

Options include – General machining facilities including milling, radial arm drilling machines and specialty machinery.

There are a variety of options available on our 9 specialty grinding machines including Diamond Grinding, Diamond Belt Linishing, Super Finishing, Straightening of Shafts with single or multiple diameters and/or tapered journals.

    • Cylindrical Grinding to 800mm in diameter x 3,000mm long
    • Internal Grinding to 1,015mm in diameter
    • Surface Grinding, both conventional and rotary table grinders

We are able to offer faster turnaround times on most work due to the number and variety of lathes we have availble for production. The 14 lathes we have on site range from 600mm between centres to 8,000mm between centres with a 1,700mm swing over the bed. We also offer CNC turning capabilities for general machining and machining of thermal sprayed components with a capacity of 1,320mm over the bed.

CNC Horizontal Borer
On site we have a modern CNC Horizontal Borer offering the latest technology available. It is capable of manufacturing components in full CNC operation or one off repair jobs in semi manual operation mode. It is fitted with the latest in touch probe technology to ensure complete set up accuracy and alignment checking capabilities. It has a cross travel centre to centre of 3,100mm, vertical travel of 1,600mm, and can take a 10,000kg table load.