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A1 Metallising Services Supports Australia’s Greatest Industries

We’re proud to support vital industries in so many ways. It was why our founders started the business and it’s what drives us everyday.

It’s our privilege to help keep the wheels of the industry turning.

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Some of the Industries we work with

Power Generation

Power generation requires consistent performance and reliability from plant and equipment whilst maintaining performance levels. However, power stations subject many components to hostile environments which cause wear, corrosion and other diminishing factors.  

A1 Metallising Services provides specialist thermal processing solutions to improve components’ functional performance, longevity, and protection from wear, abrasion, corrosion, and high temperature environments. The application of thermal spray coatings to impellers, pump shafts, valve seats, guide vane levers and spindles improve the efficiency, extend plant and machinery operational life, and increase reliability.  

Our focus is on turning projects around quickly and at the very highest levels of quality. As a result, our clients enjoy significant reductions in overall operating and maintenance costs. 

Typical Metallised components include: 

  • Boiler Feed pump shafts and impellers 
  • Steam Valves 
  • High Pressure Bypass Spindles 
  • Valve Plugs and Seats 
  • Guide Vane Levers 

Talk to us about keeping YOUR wheels turning

We protect, refurbish, reinforce, and extend the life of critical wear components at a fraction of the cost of a replacement OEM part.

And we do it fast, cost-effectively, and using the most sustainable practices.

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