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Taking sustainability seriously

A1 Metallising Services has taken substantial steps to minimise our ecological footprint while maintaining exceptional quality and service to clients. We understand how serious our clients are about their carbon reduction targets and we go to great lengths to support them in a range of ways.

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Extending part life reduces waste and saves you money

It’s truly a win-win! Whether it’s to repair or recycle, our resurfacing technologies allow us to breathe new life into worn and damaged components that would otherwise be sent to scrap metal.

Not only does our contribution to the circular economy reduce the amount of energy, resources and carbon footprint involved with building replacement components, and it also reduces the waste disposal of old parts.

Extending the lifecycle of components saves money and resources and this has an enormous effect on reaching sustainability goals for us and our clients by lessening the burden on natural ecosystems.

Energy-Efficient Processes

We manage our own energy usage judiciously, and have succeeded in reducing it through two main energy reduction initiatives.

  • Our energy-efficient factory. Almost our entire factory roof is covered in solar panels, and solar makes a significant contribution to our
    power usage.
  • Our investment in new technologies and process innovations significantly reduce energy consumption during the metallising process, a
    great example being Australia’s only Precision Power Laser surfacing machine.

By prioritising efficient energy usage, A1 Metallising Services not only lowers its operational costs, but also decreases its carbon footprint.

Emissions reduction

As well as using technologies that generate lower emissions, we deploy new generation “Microvel” filtration in our extraction system to ensure the highest possible standards – all particles right down to 3.5micron are filtered out of extracted factory air that is then released safely into the atmosphere.

Responsible supply chain management

We only partner with suppliers who share similar environmental values to ensure a consistently responsible approach both downstream and upstream.

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