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A1 Metallising Services Supports Australia’s Greatest Industries

We’re proud to support vital industries in so many ways. It was why our founders started the business and it’s what drives us everyday.

It’s our privilege to help keep the wheels of the industry turning.

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Some of the Industries we work with

Water Processing

High wear, erosion and corrosion rates on vital Water Processing equipment can be caused by a variety of factors; abrasive and corrosive environments, fluids at high volumes and pressures coupled with high impact points within pump housings, impellers, valve seats, plugs and stems, pipework elbows and bends.  

Worn components cause inefficiencies, loss of production, higher operational costs, and unscheduled delays.  

A1 Metallising Services assists with cost effective solutions to high wear components. Our metallised coatings use superior materials such as carbides, ceramics and composites that increase the resistance to wear and corrosion, optimising the components performance, increasing reliability, extending operational times and components life, reducing overall operating and maintenance costs.  

We can also recover (dimensional restoration) and remanufacture fatigued metal components and surface engineer them for extended operational and service life in a range of challenging environments, at a fraction of the cost of a replacement OEM’s part. 

Typical applications include: 

  • Sewage Purification Plants 
  • Desalination Pumps 
  • Valves 
  • Multistage Pumps 
  • Pump Impellers 
  • Bearing and Seal Housings 
  • Screen Shafts 
  • Conveyors 
  • Gearboxes 

Talk to us about keeping YOUR wheels turning

We protect, refurbish, reinforce, and extend the life of critical wear components at a fraction of the cost of a replacement OEM part.

And we do it fast, cost-effectively, and using the most sustainable practices.

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