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Your Trusted Partner for Surface Engineering Technologies

For nearly six decades, A1 Metallising Services has been the trusted name for the repair of worn or damaged industrial components.

We are proudly Australian owned and operated, and our story is one of family tradition, dating back to 1964.

We pioneered surface engineering in Australia, setting the industry standard for quality and innovation.

What we do

Unmatched capabilities, unrivalled turnaround speed

Our services

Thanks to our comprehensive range of technologies, we can satisfy the needs of many industries and an incredible variety of parts. Our specialists have the technical proficiency and access to the newest precision technologies to restore components to their optimal condition, exceeding industry standards and often better than new.

We apply the latest technologies to each of the four main Surface Engineering methodologies:

A1 Metallising Services is home to a team of highly skilled surface engineering specialists dedicated to the refurbishment and repair of industrial parts and components.

We bring extensive expertise and knowledge to every project we undertake. Our specialists are equipped with the technical proficiency and precision to restore components to their optimal condition, exceeding industry standards and extending service life.

  • From the very latest robotic controls, and Laser Cladding to more traditional surface engineering processes, we offer a complete range of solutions – In our hands, High Velocity, Arc and Flame Sprayed Thermal Coatings and cutting-edge Precision Power Laser Clad Coating all deliver precise results, and our commitment to superior craftsmanship extends to our state-of-the-art machining capabilities.
  • Our machine shop offers large-scale equipment, including Cylindrical Grinding, Horizontal Boring, 5-Axis CNC Milling, and lathes with a swing of up to 1.7 metres, we can handle projects of any scale or complexity.

A lifelong commitment to quality and service

Established in 1964, A1 Metallising Services stands as a testament to enduring Australian owned and operated businesses. From its early beginnings to its present-day leadership position with multiple ISO certifications and cutting-edge surface technology, A1 Metallising Services remains committed to providing exceptional service to Australian manufacturers and OEMs.

Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for its dedication to quality, reliability, and innovation, cementing its position as a leader in the industry.

Our major milestones

Find out why the Australian industry has such confidence in A1’s fast, dependable service

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