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Metallising Services

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Thermal Spray Metallising: Restoring, Protecting and Extending Life

Restoring worn components and providing unmatched protection against wear and corrosion.
Countless satisfied customers rely on our Thermal Spray Metallising services to increase their productivity and reduce their costs. We’re happy to oblige.

High-Velocity Coatings

Our High Velocity systems unleash a high-velocity flame to create dense, 99% porosity-free coatings. With outstanding cohesion and adhesion, these coatings offer superior protection against wear, erosion, and corrosive environments. Exceptional quality materials, including composite carbides are at your disposal through this process.

Electric Arc Spray Systems

Powered by electrical heat generation, Electric Twin Arc Spray Systems employ solid or cored wire forms. The process involves melting two continuously fed wires with an electric arc, propelling the molten metal onto the substrate. This method offers dimensional restoration of worn components and enhanced protection.

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Gas Metallising

In our Gas Systems, surfacing materials in wire or powder form are heated to a plastic or molten state by an oxy-acetylene flame in the spray gun’s nozzle system. The molten material is then propelled onto a carefully prepared surface, providing effective and reliable solutions for various applications.

Ceramic Spraying

Experience the benefits of ceramic oxide materials such as “Chrome Oxide,” “Aluminium Oxide,” and “Alumina Titania” with our advanced Ceramic Spraying process. These materials are deposited onto meticulously prepared substrates using a high-temperature gas stream generated through the Gas Metallising system, ensuring excellent performance and durability.

Rokide Ceramic Coatings

Uniqueness defines our Rokide Ceramic Coatings system, which utilizes ceramic oxide rods. These rods are melted in our patented spray unit, resulting in fully molten particles being projected onto the substrate. The exceptional kinetic energy and thermal mass of these particles ensure they stay molten until they reach their destination, leading to remarkable results.

Typical Applications of Metallising

Our metallising services are used by a wide range of industries that need extended life for their machinery with minimal downtime, including:

Mining Equipment

Water Treatment

Heavy Machinery

Power Generation Turbine Components

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