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Precision Power Laser Cladding

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The Future of Laser Cladding

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Precision Power Laser Cladding is a ground-breaking technique that combines high-precision, heat-minimised laser intensity with the capabilities of traditional MIG welding, making it superior to conventional hard-facing methods. Preheating of the wire results in reduced dilution and a higher deposition rate with lower demands on power. ​

This technology is extending parts life, reducing expensive replacements, and enhancing durability and wear resistance like no other, and we are currently the only operation to offer this process in Australia.


The Advantages of Precision Power Laser Cladding

  • Narrow Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ): The Precision Power Laser Cladding ensures a significantly reduced HAZ, minimizing the risk of distortion and material degradation.
  • High Travel Speeds: Compared to traditional hard-facing processes, Precision Power Laser Cladding enables faster travel speeds, allowing us to decrease turnaround time, reducing your downtime.
  • Custom Robotic Control: Our Precision Power Laser Cladding facility includes a headstock/tailstock positioner and a skyhook positioner, ensuring precise and accurate application. The addition of a traveling track further enhances the robot’s efficiency in resurfacing large mining parts.

What does Precision Power Laser Cladding look like?

Just a taste of what our multi-million dollar investment in the latest coating technology looks like …

Computerised command sequences

Remote-controlled robotic arm

1000 degree precise-focus laser

10 ton capacity

Why Choose A1 Metallising Services’ Precision Power Laser Cladding?

As with all our services, we have invested heavily in the laser cladding plant and trained specialist operators to extract the very best from our technologies in order to provide the leading standard of quality and speed of turnaround.


The fusion of laser technology and the traditional MIG process set new precision and quality benchmarks for Laser Clad Coating.


Our team of highly trained specialists includes extensive experience in metallurgy and laser cladding, ensuring the highest quality results

Tailored Solutions

With our custom robotic cladding solution, we can cater to specific requirements, delivering optimal outcomes for every project, small or large.


Precision Power Laser Cladding’s ability to achieve higher deposit rates translates into a highly competitive service for our clients.

Typical Applications of Precision Power Laser Cladding

Precision Power Laser is a versatile laser cladding solution that is transforming a wide range of repairs and restorations of:

Mining Equipment

Water Treatment

Heavy Machinery

Power Generation Turbine Components

Find out more about Precision Power Laser Cladding!

We’ll be happy to tell you more about this brilliant new technology and explain how it could help you.

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