Welcome to A1 Metallising Services Pty Ltd, a dynamic and progressive Australian privately owned thermal spray company established in 1964.

We deliver superior surface engineered thermal spray coatings at a fraction of the cost of new replacement, and with a minimum of down-time.

Both new and worn components can have their wear and corrosion resistance improved, which results in enhanced service life.

Using the latest processes and equipment, we are able to draw on a broad range of materials and thermal spray coating applications to suit the varied requirements of our customers.

Full machine shop facilities allow all work to be completed within our premises. Alternatively, our company offers onsite reclamation where the need arises.

We are currently repairing components for a wide variety of industries including chemical, mining, petroleum, steel making, food processing, printing, civil engineering, marine engineering, railway, power generation, earthmoving and transportation.

Our reputation for precision and accuracy has established A1 Metallising Services Pty Ltd as the recognised leader in surface engineering, and made A1 Metallising Services Pty Ltd the Thermal Spray Engineer of choice for some of Australia’s largest companies.