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In the LNG industry, managing boil-off gas (BOG) is crucial for maintaining tank pressure and optimising resource utilisation. Compressors play a vital role in this process, with piston rods being an essential component.  

When Industrial Plant and Services (IPS) faced disruptions due to worn compressor piston rods, they sought an effective solution to increase performance and longevity. 

What Is The Role of Compressor Piston Rods?   

Compressor piston rods are vital components in reciprocating compressors, forming the crucial link between the piston and the crankshaft.  

These essential elements are engineered to perform several key functions: 

1. Force Transmission: Piston rods efficiently transfer the force generated by the crankshaft to the piston, enabling effective gas compression. 

2. Load Resistance: Engineered to withstand both gas and inertia rod loads, these components also resist wear in the packing travel area, ensuring sustained performance. 

3. Durability: Typically crafted from high-strength alloy steels such as ETD 150 or 4150, piston rods are built for longevity and reliability in demanding operational environments. 

4. Stress Management: They are designed to handle the tension and compression stresses resulting from pressure differences across the piston, maintaining structural integrity under challenging conditions. 

Implementing a Tailored Solution 

Our team implemented a comprehensive refurbishment process utilising advanced technology and skilled expertise: 

1. Inspection and Liquid Die Penetrant Crack Testing: Thorough examination and liquid die crack testing to detect visible and hidden defects. 

2. Pre-grinding for HV coating: Surface preparation to ensure proper adhesion and remove existing damage. 

3. HVAF Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Coating: Application of a high-velocity air fuel (HVAF) coating, providing excellent resistance to sliding wear, abrasion, and erosion. 

4. Diamond grinding: Utilisation of diamond wheels to achieve precise dimensions and smooth surface, crucial for the desired geometric profile. 

5. Diamond linishing and polishing: Further refinement of the surface using diamond abrasives to achieve the critical surface finish required for optimal performance. 

Throughout the process, it was paramount that we controlled the temperature to avoid fractures in the carbide coating. 

The Benefit

The refurbishment of the compressor piston rods yielded significant benefits for IPS: 

1. Enhanced durability: The HVAF Tungsten Carbide Cobalt coating significantly improved the piston rods’ resistance to wear, abrasion, and erosion, extending their operational life. 

2. Improved performance: The precision grinding and polishing ensured optimal geometric profiles and surface finish, leading to increased compressor efficiency. 

3. Reduced downtime: By addressing wear issues proactively, IPS minimised the risk of unexpected failures and associated costly downtime. 

4. Cost-effectiveness: The refurbishment process proved to be a cost-effective alternative to complete replacement, offering substantial savings. 

5. Customised solution: Our ability to handle the complex parallel and tapered design of the piston rods demonstrated our expertise in tackling unique engineering challenges. 

Through our refined process, we offered a tailored solution that successfully revitalised IPS’s compressor piston rods, ensuring enhanced performance and longevity in their LNG operations.  

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“A1 Metallising’s attention to detail was outstanding. Every step was meticulously handled, ensuring nothing was missed. Their dedication to quality work and precision coating and finishing ensures the project’s success.”

Dariush Sabzizar, Product Manager, IPS

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