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Our client, Mecfab Enterprises, is a maintenance and engineering provider that focuses on repairing heavy-duty equipment for major industries.  Mecfab Enterprises is a regular client of ours and engaged our services to remanufacture dnata’s damaged scissor hoist. dnata is Australia’s only full-service air services provider and manages passenger, ramp, cargo, catering and cabin cleaning services. 

Remanufacturing the Scissor Hoist 

A scissor hoist is a type of lifting device that uses a scissor-like mechanism to raise and lower heavy loads, including materials and equipment. It operates by a hydraulic or pneumatic system that expands and collapses the crossed supports, resembling scissors in action.  

At airports, scissor hoists are an integral piece of equipment for ground support. They are primarily used to handle luggage and cargo, providing a safe and efficient means to transport these items between the airport and the aircraft.  

One of the scissor hoists used by dnata at Sydney Airport was showing signs of damage and wear over time. The standard bushes had deteriorated, necessitating a redesign and replacement to ensure operational safety and reliability.


After working through the scope and in-depth inspection and assessment of the scissor hoist we provided a comprehensive solution. The required solution involved: 

  • Redesigning and replacing worn bushes, pins, anti-rotation plates, fixings, and bearing mounts for improved strength and durability. 
  • Upgrading pins with lubrication grooves for better performance and reduced maintenance.  
  • Installing new keeper plates to secure pins and bushes. 
  • Replacing bearing rollers for smooth operation and reduced friction. 
  • Welding and machining repairs on damaged arms and chassis using our horizontal borer, lathes, welding equipment and portable hand tools. 
  • Grinding cracks and rewelding affected areas to restore structural integrity. 
  • Installing new ram reaction cleats with welding and testing. 
  • Improving the lubrication system for components. 
  • Enabling easier bush component replacement for future service. 

We provided an end-to-end service and ensured an efficient transition across the project stages. Key steps included: 

1. Initial scoping, on-site assessment at Sydney Airport and equipment transport to our workshop. 

2. Thorough assessment of damage and design upgrades by our team. 

3. Remanufacturing work including welding, machining, component replacement and upgrades.   

4. Independent third-party NDT weld testing to NATA standards. 

5. Final reassembly at Sydney Airport and follow-up. 

The Result 

Through effective collaboration with our client, rigorous quality control and independent testing, we successfully remanufactured the scissor hoist to enhance performance, improve safety standards and sustain operational efficiency. 

Independent testing and certification via 3rd party NDT testing to NATA standards of the weldments, ensured the scissor lift met the required safety and quality standards for effective use. 

Mecfab Enterprises, and end user, dnata, were pleased with the outcome, commending our workmanship, communication and comprehensive solution. 

“A1 has delivered an excellent result for us and our client.  The process was handled with professionalism from start to finish.  Site observations of the original design and potential improvements were discussed and delivered by A1.  Their approach to fixing the components has significantly improved the Hoists efficiency and reliability.”

Mark Cutts, Director, MecFab Enterprises

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