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Typically doubling productive life

Pulleys are a heavy-duty piece of machinery that need to run consistently for long periods of time as essential components of a conveyor system. They are designed to last, of course, but operate sometimes under considerable loads and in demanding situations – wear and tear is eventually inevitable.

Typical failure points include bearings and seals, resulting in damage to the shaft and the bearing bores in the drum. The lagging on the drum also requires periodic replacement.

The decision at this stage is to either refurbish the old pulley assembly, or to completely replace it altogether.

Economic good sense

A1 metallising Service’s makes repairing pulley components a no-brainer.

The shaft and drum of the assembly are the most expensive and critical components. The Thermal Spray process we use to refurbish them saves you the cost of complete replacement pulley.

Refurbishment of a shaft costs between 8% – 34% of the cost of a new shaft, depending on the number of bearing and seal locations to be repaired, and refurbishment of a drum bore costs between 11% – 25% of a new drum, depending on the number of bores to be repaired.

What our clients say

“A1’s responsiveness and quality service are unparalleled. They understand and meet our needs with outstanding expertise and efficiency.”  

Vince Olivieri, Operations Manager, Geared Engineering

The Refurbishing Process

Pulley refurbishing is the process of extending the life of an old pulley, and the process can involve:

  • Crack testing of the Shaft and Drum to ensure the integrity of the components.
  • Re-Lagging of the drum. (Accomplished by lagging experts – (Not an inhouse process accomplished by A1 Metallising Services Pty Ltd) Lagging protects the drum from wear. This process can be repeated numerous times using different lagging material to suit the working environment as long as the drum and shaft are in a serviceable condition.
  • Bearings, seals and locking assemblies are replaced.
  • Refurbishing damaged bearing and seal journals on the shaft using a Thermal Spray Process.
  • Refurbishing damaged locking ring bores in the drum using a Thermal Spray Process.

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